Paper Marin and the TYD Repainted was a project that, was one of the first which the fans submitted textures, or text files with dialogue. Total sharingan count: 42 thanks to Kamak Sans.

Summary Edit

This is a theatrical summary of the whole story, using the commentary from the guys and the texture and text edits

Opening Movie & ScreensEdit

The game opens with the tale seen in the original, but in gangsta speak. Also, it's presumably being narrated by Cranky Kong, as he appears in the text boxes for this. It transitions into Pink Gold Peach in Rogueport, continuing the gangsta talk. Everyone then notices that the one who sells Peach the box with the map is the head of a guy from Disney's Aladdin atop some more heads. Pink Gold Peach opens the box, & the title pops up... It's "Spazkid's Gaper Mario The Thousand Cock Orgy". Everyone freaks out. They then name the file "10/10IGN". The game then starts.

Trivia Edit

this is the place all the quirky moments that happened during the streams Ex:

Satoru Iwata passed away shortly after the second stream, presumably because of cancer, but could of reeled over and died because of watching the stream, even after his death, they still played as buff Iwata, as a memorial.

Memes Edit

references or jokes that came from the streams EX: tumblario and cortez the the gay furry pirate

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